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We are Extending the Contest!

We decided to extend our giveaway another month!!

We will pick a winner on March 31 the rules are as follows:

  • – Sign up for our newsletter
  • – Like us on Facebook
  • – Leave a comment on our wall as to why you want to go to Smith Island


Now you know how to enter here is what we are giving away!

  • – 2 Round trip tickets From either Point Lookout or from Crisfield
  • – 2 Bicycle Rentals
  • – 2 Pieces of Smith Island Cake


The original contest post is listed below!

February Contest


Paddling Around the Island

Smith Island is a Paddler’s Paradise due to its 800 acres of marshlands with creeks and rivers connecting all three communities on the island. So if you want you can paddle your kayak or canoe all over the island.

Make sure you take the time to see the animals native to the island including Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets and Ospreys. Besides birds you can often see the native plants and other marine animals like Rockfish, Seahorses, and the bays favorite the Blue Crab.


If you want to take the time to explore the island by kayak or canoe your efforts will be rewarded. It is a fun and exciting way to see the island. Spend some time on our waters and see what Mother Nature has to offer.


For more information on Canoeing and Kayaking on Smith Island follow the link below

So tell us below what you would like to see when you are kayaking around Smith Island

February Contest

For the month of February we at Smith Island Cruises are planning a to give away a day Trip for 2 to the Island.
What we are giving away:
2 Round Trip tickets from either Point Lookout, or Crisfield
2 Bicycle Rentals
2 slices of Smith Island Cake
How To Enter
1. Sign Up for our Newsletter
2. Like us on Facebook
3. Write on our Wall, telling us why you would like to visit Smith Island.
We are going to pick a winner on the 1st of March

Let Them Eat Cake!

Marie Antoinette was supposedly have cried this out, in a fit of rage with her husband, the King of France. I bet if she had a Smith Island Cake; she would have kept it for herself. The decadent multilayer Smith Island cake is an architectural masterpiece, has as many as 10 layers sandwiched between layers of fudgy frosting.
A source of pride on the island the women would make one for evening dessert and for all types of social events. They would be brought to church functions and family gatherings. Smith Island Cakes are an all occasion dessert. The Island favorite would be the traditional chocolate.
The Smith Island Cake has gained more notoriety since it has become the Maryland State Dessert in 2008. National Geographic claims that it is one of the best desserts, and worth the trip out to the island. To make a trip out to the island to try this amazing cake; book a trip on Smith Island Cruises.
You can purchase these cakes on the island at the Bayside Inn Restaurant to take home with you. They sell whole, half and slices to go. Tell us below what is your favorite type of cake and who you would like to eat it.


Welcome to the Blog of Smith Island Cruises. We want to share our way of life and community with you and your family. We plan to post here often about life and things happening on Smith Island. We also are going to post Contests, specials on trips to the Island, customer stories, and photos. We would like your opinions and comments on our posts, so please leave them in the comment section below.
We also have a newsletter that we are going to put out that will recap the blog posts and have more specific content. So I recommend signing up for our newsletter.
If there is something in general you would like to know about Smith Island or our cruises, Let us know. We will do our best to get you an answer. Hope to see you
On one of our cruises this summer


Huffington Post claims that Smith Island is the best place to go for a romantic getaway. What makes a romantic getaway romantic; secluded setting, gorgeous sunsets, and quaint bed and breakfasts; check, check and check. We have to agree that Smith Island is the prefect getaway spot you are able to romantically walk or bike the entire island in an afternoon. You can have a waterfront dinner at the Bayside Inn Restaurant, or relax at the bed and breakfast.
The island is close enough to Washington D.C. and Baltimore to make it the perfect place for busy couples that want to get away. The island also has limited cell and Internet access, making a private retreat, to get away from all the stress of your work world. With no access to the outside world, you would have more time for your partner.
So tell us below what you think makes a place romantic