Huffington Post claims that Smith Island is the best place to go for a romantic getaway. What makes a romantic getaway romantic; secluded setting, gorgeous sunsets, and quaint bed and breakfasts; check, check and check. We have to agree that Smith Island is the prefect getaway spot you are able to romantically walk or bike the entire island in an afternoon. You can have a waterfront dinner at the Bayside Inn Restaurant, or relax at the bed and breakfast.
The island is close enough to Washington D.C. and Baltimore to make it the perfect place for busy couples that want to get away. The island also has limited cell and Internet access, making a private retreat, to get away from all the stress of your work world. With no access to the outside world, you would have more time for your partner.
So tell us below what you think makes a place romantic

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  1. Me and a lady friend decided we wanted to get out of DC for the weekend, we decided to visit St Marys County in Maryland. Upon our visit we picked up a brochure for a cruise to Smith Island. On a whim we contacted Smith Island Cruises only to be greeted by a wonderful young lady who was accomadating. She talked us into trying the over night trip. Upon arrival we were greeted at the dock with our two carry on bags. The young gentleman carried our bags on the boat, treated my friend like a gentleman should and helped us on the boat. We stayed on the second deck of the boat where we opened a bottle of wine we brought. The cruise was amazing, many great sites such as lighthouses fish nets commercial boats and even a cargo ship that was heading to Baltimore. The mate checked on us twice and it was just the right amount of interaction. Upon arrival we went to the Bayside Inn and I am a fine contiseur of crab cakes so I was sure to try. It was absolutely amazing. The crab cake was loaded with back fin crab meat and just enough filler to keep it together. I have tried almost every crab cake in the mid Atlantic area and I must say its the best. The only crab cake ever to come close is Jerrys Seafood in Prince Frederick Md. After lunch we decided to rent a golf cart and cruise the streets of Ewell Md. What a cool experience, we visited the church, bakery, visitors center and even went to the fuel dock. I was amazed watching the amount of boats filling up. It was busier than a truck stop off of interstate 95. We then went to Crisfield and had dinner at the Cove and it was very good but after the crab cake at Bayside Inn they had no chance of competing. We walked to the city dock where we watched the sunset and it was the best sunsets I have ever seen. We had a few night caps at the Tiki Bar and ended our evening with a romantic stroll back to the hotel. Accomadations were good but not what I expected it’s a small hotel room. Very clean spacious and nice but nothing fancy. We had breakfast at the Cove Restaurant and I had Chesapeake Eggs Benedict and it was amazing. We were having a leisure Sunday morning and walked to the boat where we stayed on the second deck again. Crisfield is a bustling waterfront town. Boats were coming and going lots of young people partying, we were told the waterman work 6 days a week and Sunday was for church and partying. The best quote of the trip ” there are three churches on Smith Island, all three churches are Methodist , you can either be a drunk or a Methodist ” . We got to Smith Island and had to change boats. We got to the island at 2:04 the Pt Lookout boat leaves at 2:00 we were rushed to get my from one boat and get on the other, all eyes were on us for being late. That part sucked but we met a couple similar to us in age (I’m substantially older than my lady friend). He was in a similar profofesional as me and our ladies hit it off. We still have dinner and drinks with the couple today. I have to say the Smith Island Cruise from Point Lookout Maryland was the best weekend I have ever had. Two thumbs up. A must if your looking for romance or even just a relaxing trip. We already have reservations for the first week in June . Happy cruising!

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