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Paddling Around the Island

Smith Island is a Paddler’s Paradise due to its 800 acres of marshlands with creeks and rivers connecting all three communities on the island. So if you want you can paddle your kayak or canoe all over the island.

Make sure you take the time to see the animals native to the island including Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets and Ospreys. Besides birds you can often see the native plants and other marine animals like Rockfish, Seahorses, and the bays favorite the Blue Crab.


If you want to take the time to explore the island by kayak or canoe your efforts will be rewarded. It is a fun and exciting way to see the island. Spend some time on our waters and see what Mother Nature has to offer.


For more information on Canoeing and Kayaking on Smith Island follow the link below


So tell us below what you would like to see when you are kayaking around Smith Island

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